Film Criticism


The Melbourne Cinematheque is a film club that runs weekly screenings at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. In co-ordination with these screenings, the online journal Senses of Cinema commissions short essays about the films, providing analysis and further context. These annotations are usually printed out and left in the foyer for patrons.

Blowing Up the Past: Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub’s Not Reconciled (1965)’, in Senses of Cinema, September 2017

The Ash Heap of Meaning: Juraj Herz’s The Junk Shop’, in Senses of Cinema, June 2017

The God Anhedonia: Manoel de Oliveira’s Francisca’, in Senses of Cinema, September 2016

Exchange, Exchange: Jean Rouch’s Petit á Petit’, in Senses of Cinema, March 2016

The End Is a Transition: Wim Wenders’s Alice in den Städten’, in Senses of Cinema, October 2014

Faust’, in Senses of Cinema, June 2014

The Impotence of Asceticism: Luis Buñuel’s Simón del Desierto’, in Senses of Cinema, February 2014


Manifest Spectres: An Interview with Robert Fischer on Jacques Rivette’s Out 1’, in Senses of Cinema, July 2016


Heaven Knows What’, on the Melbourne International Film Festival website, 12/8/2015

Love’, in The Age, 11/8/2015

Pasolini’, in The Age, 11/8/2015

In the Shadow of Women’, on the Melbourne International Film Festival website, 5/8/2015

Being 14’, in The Age, 5/8/2015

Kommunisten’, on the Melbourne International Film Festival website, 4/8/2015

festival reports

Of death throes and transitions: 2015 Melbourne International Film Festival’, in Senses of Cinema, December 2015

Cries and whispers: a review of MIFF 2013’, in Lot’s Wife, 26/8/2013

Darkness, light, darkness: a review of MIFF 2012’, in Lot’s Wife, 3/9/2013

A brief guide to MIFF 2012’, in Lot’s Wife, 28/7/2013