Articles for Student Publications

Opinion pieces

‘In defence of irresponsible social media usage’, in the RMIT Writing Digital Content blog, 19 May 2015
‘Towards a progressive men’s movement, in Catalyst, 24 July 2014
‘The brave new world of corporate morality, in Lot’s Wife, 9 October 2013
‘Casting shadows: discrimination at 24 frames per second, in Catalyst, 18 September 2013
‘In a minor key: why I joined the Wikileaks Party, in Catalyst, 1 August 2013
‘Merry Xmas (institutionalised religion is over), in Lot’s Wife, 23 April 2013
‘Wherefore feminism?, in Catalyst, 12 April 2013
‘Wishing away causality: why liquor and libertarianism don’t mix, in Catalyst, 12 April 2013
‘Notes for critical activism, in Lot’s Wife, 29 March 2013
‘Fairfax, or the failure of commercial journalism, in Lot’s Wife, 29 October 2012
‘Criminalising pathology: child pornography and the law, in Lot’s Wife, 1 October 2012
‘Vigilantism and the tyranny of the individual, in Lot’s Wife, 28 July 2012
‘Role models and scapegoats: the footballer as public figure, in Lot’s Wife, 14 May 2012
‘The case for determinism, in Lot’s Wife, 16 April 2012
‘Don’t touch the war hero: war propaganda and televised heresy, in Lot’s Wife, 20 March 2012
‘In defence of offensive humour, in Lot’s Wife, 16 February 2012
‘Size and prejudice: “weightism” in Western society, in Lot’s Wife, 2 May 2011
‘A humanist approach to paedophilia, in Lot’s Wife, 25 March 2011
‘Why we need same-sex marriage’, in Lot’s Wife, 25 March 2011
‘Reframing the abortion debate, in Lot’s Wife, 18 October 2010

‘Gadfly’ column

In 2013, I was asked to write a weekly column for the website of RMIT student publication Catalyst over the course of a three-month period, focusing on controversial political and philosophical topics.

‘Gadfly: On the sanctity of ideas, in Catalyst, 30 October 2013
‘Gadfly: On victim-blaming and denial of causality, in Catalyst, 23 October 2013
‘Gadfly: A defence (and critique) of New Atheism, in Catalyst, 16 October 2013
‘Gadfly: On paedophilia, in Catalyst, 9 October 2013
‘Gadfly: On inheritance tax and the politics of entitlement, in Catalyst, 2 October 2013
‘Gadfly: On abortion and the rights of the foetus, in Catalyst, 25 September 2013
‘Gadfly: On bestiality and the matter of animal rights, in Catalyst, 18 September 2013
‘Gadfly: On the pitfalls of egalitarian democracy, in Catalyst, 11 September 2013
‘Gadfly: On blame and the criminal justice system, in Catalyst, 4 September 2013
‘Gadfly: Shame in the age of freedom, in Catalyst, 28 August 2013
‘Gadfly: On the misrepresentation of xenophobia, in Catalyst, 21 August 2013
‘Gadfly: On the removal of body hair, in Catalyst, 14 August 2013
‘Gadfly: An Introduction, in Catalyst, 7 August 2013

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